A somewhere project by Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie

It's re-enactment but not as we know it!

Friday, August 4, 2006 – 7:08 AM
by Nina

Karen and I are in Japan as part of a project by Grizedale Arts called 7 Samurai. After a grueling week in Tokyo we took a day trip to ‘Edo Wonderland’ …”We aim to reproduce the customs, culture and society of Japan’s Edo period and present them to the world”.
After the Kentwell ‘authenti’ rules, Edo Wonderland was a bit of a wigs-and-nylon eye opener! As we ate lunch one of the staff came in and apparently did speak in an old form of Japanese, but I think this maybe where the parallels stop. It did remind me of how Patrick and Judith (Kentwell’s owners) originally got the idea for the re-creations. On a holiday trip they stumbled on an early proto-living history set up, where there seemed to be artifacts being produced – they stayed so long though that they realized no one was actually making food or weaving and the Kentwell domestic life concept was born. It also reminded me of chatting to them about their holidays now – after 25 years it seems they still spend their time ‘off’ looking for new Kentwell inspiration. The best example being that Judith bought the ‘5 bowl washing up system’ back from her Buddhist retreat!

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