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Make do and mend ....

Monday, May 22, 2006 – 7:05 PM
by Mary

Dear Ann,

Lovely to see you in Kentwell at the weekend, since we met I've made some progress on our prop for the Fete fundraiser next weekend, I've decided on a good strong image and scraped together a combination of house hold paints, left over college materials and some from a bargain bin at the art suppliers today. I think I can just about squeeze the image onto some calico we have left over from the costumes we made a few years ago and I can back it with an old sheet (already patched but hey ho).

Oddly enough I saw our old friend Rory Hamilton from college in town on Sunday - I mentioned what we were trying to make and he had some photographs of his Aunt Kate Morgan from Fisherrow, Musselburgh
with her friends on various seaside holidays over the years ... he loaned them to me so I could post them up for you to have a look. I was relieved to see that the figures aren't 'lifesize' in these either! What neither of us could do though, is think of the name for the wretched things.

I also managed to get some absolute bargain wool & linen in the East End today, for our other projects - it's amazing what you can find there.

Anyway I hope all is going well with preparations at your end, and I look forward to you arriving in London on Friday.

With love


sometime later