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A ruff too far?

Tuesday, May 9, 2006 – 10:05 AM
by Nina

We're just back from a very enjoyable five day road trip visiting Kentwell contacts and talking with them about the film that we're shooting at the main Tudor event this summer. It's been really good fun seeing everyone in their 'normal' clothes and with time to chat. We've seen several very impressive sewing rooms and costume collections on tour (!) and there's nothing like seeing everyone else forging ahead to make you really paranoid about your own progress.

After a terrifying look at our current costumes, our bag of fabrics (many bits of which are pathetic early attempts at garments I can't now believe we ever thought would pass muster!) and the remaining 'to do' list for this years requirements, I am really glad that I'm meeting up tomorrow with Ninya (of the [url="http://www.tudortailor.com/";]Tudor Tailor) and our friend Claire (of the 40's shoe collection!) to formulate a plan.

We're beginning to realise it may not be physically possible to prepare to shoot a film and make 4 smocks, two ruffs, a partlet and hat each ... as I remember from the first year, when we made our entire costumes from scratch, picking out the fabric and colour for your kirtle is the easy bit.

Many thanks to Abs, Jenn, Penny & Dickie, Alison, Tamsin & Tissy for meeting up over the weekend.

I do fancy those slashed sleeves this year ...

sometime later