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What comes first ...

Tuesday, November 15, 2005 – 2:11 PM
by Nina

Some collection
Some collection
Photo: Claire Moy

... the collection or the re-enactment habit?

This fantastic image is of our friend Claire's 1940's shoe collection, which she revealed when she made our, much admired, WVS uniforms a few months back.

As an aside here I feel bound to point out that we did make our own Tudor costumes from scratch but this did nearly cause divorce in our respective households and was probably the most challenging thing I have ever made ... so with only a few short weeks before our first WW II event and a fragile original dress to copy Claire (who's a tailor) stepped in to make our matching replicas.

Anyway she also loaned us our shoes, which caused quite a stir amongst the 1940's ladies as anything above a size 3 now seems impossible to source.

Chatting to Amy and Will this weekend (A WVS/Home Guard couple) I wondered which of the two habits or hobbies comes first - obsessive collecting (of which Karen and I were already guilty) or obsessive re-enactment. Amy mentioned Will's many collections but she has a pretty fine array of authentic kitchen ware herself ...

Claire obviously has quite a collection habit and is now showing an uncanny interest in visiting Kentwell too ...

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