A somewhere project by Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie

A Canterbury Tale

Wednesday, August 24, 2005 – 9:08 AM
by Nina

Always looking to streamline two activities into the space of one (!) We have managed to shoe-horn some fantastic WW II research into our Edinburgh Film Festival time (we're here for the launch of our film Bata-ville). Following our premeire we took in the Michael Powell classic A Canterbury Tale on the big screen, which was amazing.
Having just returned from the re-enactment it made the 'stagey' quality of the film seem quite unreal, and at times it seemed hard to believe that you were watching something really made in 1944 rather than just depicting 1945. If we had ended up as Landgirls it couldn't have been better for research as the main protagonist is just such a fiesty young lady despite the opening sequence involving the Glue-man making a strike on her perfect barnet!

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