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Friday, August 12, 2005 – 10:08 AM
by Nina

Carry-on camping with Karen
Carry-on camping with Karen

So we have returned from camping in 1942, to the chaos of unpacking in 2005 - the combination of camping kit and filming kit is not one I would readily choose to repeat.

Our costume anxiety pre-re-creation was, it seems, totally unnecessary. They may not have been completely correct in every fabric detail but our matching WVS uniforms were the smartest on the manor ... and it seems our ticket to success. As in the Tudor world, your first encounter with fellow re-enactors is always carried out through a ritual costume/uniform comment exchange. Asking a tailor to reproduce an original uniform in beautiful detail, scores (it seems) as high if not higher than slogging away on your own hand crafted effort for months on end (as with our Tudor costumes).

The innovation of the in-authentic armpit shields wasn't entirely successful, but probably an improvement on sweating straight into them.

As WW II birds (a dubious term used by the Spiv - but he is "from the midlands") we at least looked the part, even if we were often completely stumped as to what to say and crippled by our beautiful authentic shoes.

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