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The circus comes to town ...

Monday, May 22, 2006 – 6:05 PM
by Nina

The Big Top in Long Melford
The Big Top in Long Melford
Photo: Nina Pope

We spent the weekend at Kentwell for the second open day before we're allowed to join this years participants for the main event, living as Tudors. As we pulled into Long Melford (literally a long village spread along a huge sort of green) we saw the circus was in town ... as we drove past we were amazed to see Zebra waiting patiently at the side of the Big Top. These animals looked so incongruous grazing in Long Melford that I felt a bit like a Tudor seeing something rare for the first time. It also brought to mind our limning 'rap' regarding 'the great olephont' - a grey beast with a tail at both ends, that apparently supplies the tooth we use for making black!

sometime later