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Narnian Authenti-tent envy

Monday, December 19, 2005 – 10:12 PM
by Karen

Aslan's crib(s)
Aslan's crib(s)

Now, any re-enactor who has seen the new movie Chronicles of Narnia cannot have failed to revel in the bizarre, lavish trans-period historical detailing. For me, the peak was Aslan's encampment, awash with half real / half CGI pseudo-medieval tents. Every flag waved at just the right angle and the fabric flapped just enough for you to believe there was real weather in Narnia. Gold patterns adorned the authentically aged fabrics and the overall effect left me craving a grandaddy of an authenti-tent (as they're known in Tudor Kentwell) next year. If only I could have a centaur too.

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