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Wednesday, November 30, 2005 – 5:11 PM
by Mary

With the college being closed this end I've had a devil of a job finding a darkroom that's still in operation in order to print up the rest of our films. Sadly it's not great news - as I fear the camera bellows may have a light 'leakage' - as you suggested from the roll you took up to Cumbria with you.

I'm enclosing some rough prints so you can see what I mean ... the one that has come out (rather marvellously) is of Mrs Starkie-Bence and I know I took this indoors, in low light conditions. Sadly I took most of the others on the house forecourt and there's a definite pattern visible where light has leaked in each time.
It's such a shame as the one of Jenn and Dickie would have been wonderful ... and possibly quite useful for poster production ideas. The one of us either side of the Hall's owner is quite odd but again would have, I think, made a nice image. Anyway see what you think.

I'm looking forward to your trip down to London next week, although I have to confess I've lined up rather a hectic schedule for us. Still I expect you don't get to see many interesting folk stranded up there, so the chance to go out and socialise will probably be welcome.

It looks as though I may well be seeing some of our new friends from Kentwell on Saturday at a little get together, did you have any messages to pass on? I'll make sure to take some prints of our better photographs we took with me, and some of that remaining paperwork we weren't able to finish on our last visit.

Do let me know your sister's address when you can, I'd best get this into the post if it's to reach you by the weekend.

Much love


sometime later