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Dear Ann

Wednesday, November 30, 2005 – 5:11 PM
by Mary

Dear Ann

Thanks so much for your letter, sorry it has taken me a while to reply, I've been rather involved in some non-teaching bits and bobs for college (seems although the students have moved North the administration hasn't!) plus there's been a lot on with the local WVS here.

By the way, speaking of the WVS I must write to your sister and thank her for the cardigan she sent down for me, could you let me have her address? Goodness knows where she managed to find that wool but it's just about the perfect burgundy for the job. It seems even in Suffolk the ladies are having a job making their coupons stretch to enough fabric to make their dresses, lots of the WVS ladies were admiring our uniforms, sometimes working in the East End and 'knowing' a few folk can be useful.


sometime later