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Dear Mary

Friday, November 18, 2005 – 12:11 PM
by Ann

Pupils at the Accademia Dei Pope & Guthrie!
Pupils at the Accademia Dei Pope & Guthrie!

...I am writing from home. Our garden is deeply coated in the most beautiful deep frost and I fear it'll be the last of the summer's greens as I didn't manage to get a cloche onto them last night. How are the supplies in London? I expect its sprouts and turnips all the way till next spring now?
I have just had some wood delivered - a relief as I was down to my last basketful and I have two cats to keep warm!
Our last visit to Kentwell seems a long way off now - I recall the roses were still in bloom and the breeze was as warm as August. The cars parked up sparkled in the sun - I suspect the petrol shortages help their owners take better care of them now as they become more ornament than mode of transport.
I have had the film of our drawing class developed - as you can see. I think that old camera may have been acting up as the photograph here is a bit fogged, but no matter, it's nice to have a momento. I thought those young girls were rather game to join in with the grown-ups, although they were really rather tentative in their drawing. Maybe it was fear of soiling Mrs Starkey-Bence's carpets (whats left of them now that the Army have moved in) with the charcoal?!
I hear on the wireless that old Hitler is meeting with Mussolini's people about his Greek invasion today. Sounds like it's a bit of a tiff, as it was a bit of a mess and now Hitler has to bail him out instead of getting on in Europe. When will it all end?
Much love,

sometime later