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Could you repeat that 'in role' please:

Friday, August 12, 2005 – 12:08 PM
by Nina

Spam Wad anyone?
Spam Wad anyone?

There seems to be a fairly sensitive and movable line between when it is and is not appropriate for people to remain 'in role' - meeting someone who wants to recount their genuine wartime experiences being one obvious example when you would be an idiot not to come out of 'character. Sadly at present the fact we're filming also seems to be confusing this line for some people! Due to our early extreme training with our Tudor Aunt and Head of Station (Kate Poole) we have been drilled to remain strictly 'in role' whenever there are visitors present at the re-enactment. Whilst this can provide an entertaining and difficult challenge (especially when also having to speak Tudorese (more no doubt on this later)) it does make answering people's questions about what you're doing there with a film crew quite tough. Generally we noticed far less effort going into remaining strictly 'in role' in 1942 than the Tudor era. As Karen commented with admiration in an early video diary "he spoke excellent tudor without an audience".

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